Appointment of the new Principal for the School of Advanced Level Studies

The Ministry of Education has officially confirmed the appointment of Mrs Elaine Larue as the new Principal for the School of Advanced Level Sudies (SALS). This is in line with the Government’s drive for the localization of Posts.
The outgoing Principal Mr Lester Omondi, has previously served as a Lecturer, a Course Leader for Year 1 students and was then promoted as Principal of the Institution. He maintained this role for a period of seven years. In a ceremony held at the school this morning, the Minister for Education Dr Justin Valentin stated the following: “On behalf of the Ministry of Education I would like to thank Mr Omondi for all the hard work and dedication to the school, placing SALS where it is today. Your contribution to the school remains valuable”. The Minister then welcomed Mrs Larue. He averred, “It is an honour for me to welcome you on board as the new Principal. I look forward to working with you and your team to re- brand SALS and take this Institution to the next level, in accordance with the new structure in place.” Attending the ceremony this morning were also the Principal Secretary for Education Services, Dr Odile de Comarmond; the Chairperson of the Board, Mr Andy Noel; Director for the Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education, Ms Rosianna Jules; Director for the Ministry’s Strategic Priorities, Mr Alex Souffe; Lecturers and a number of SALS Class Representatives. Addressing the students, Minister Valentin asserted, “You are the backbone of this country. Everybody is looking to you to achieve great results so that you can contribute to the socio-development of the country. As the Minister for Education, I will do my best to push the school to its limit so that we can achieve great results and make the country proud”. During the ceremony, the Minister also expressed his sincere appreciation and gratitude to two lecturers who are retiring at the end of this year. These are: Mr Mohammed Kante, who has 41 years in service with the Ministry of Education and Ms Peggy Agathine, 47 years in service. Photo caption: Minister Justin Valentin and the out going Principal Mr Lester Omondi; Minister and the new Principal for SALS, Ms Elaine Larue and others…

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