Education Sector Development

The Department of Education Sector Development, in line with provisions of the Education (Amendment) Act 2017, ensures that the national education sector is effectively developed and grows progressively in line with local and global dynamic, such that education remains relevant and responsive to change. Some of its functions extend beyond public institutions.​


Core Functions and Accountabilities

The Department has the following core functions:

i. ensure that relevant structures are in place for the provision of relevant, reliable, timely data and research-based information, to make informed decisions within the education system;
ii. ensure effective planning and management of the budget for the Ministry in line with Programme Performance-Based Budgeting (PPBB) and Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E);
iii. collaborate with relevant international organisations pertaining to the implementation of international goals, norms and standards, and keep abreast with new developments in education;
iv. promote the development of TVETE and contribute towards its professionalisation and modernisation of TVETE across the education sector;
v. co-ordinate bilateral and multi-lateral agreements in the Ministry’s portfolio with international organisations and pro-actively source funding from donor agencies in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Affairs;
vi. promote citizen’s participation in the portfolio affairs of the Ministry, partnership with NGO’s Community-Based Organisations, the private sector and other social partners at community level;
vii. ensure that education related conferences and conventions are effectively managed.

Ministry of Education
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