Minister’s Secretariat

Minister for Education, Dr. Justin Valentin

The Minister’s Secretariat, having due regards to the power and responsibilities of the Minister in the Education (Amendment) Act 2017, ensures that the Government’s defined mandate and strategic priorities for the education sector are successfully implemented through the development and implementation of legal and policy frameworks, institutional frameworks and plans of action through the effective leadership, management and operations at the level of Departments and Public Bodies.


Core Functions and Accountabilities

To facilitate the fulfilment of its mandate, the Secretariat of the Minister has in place appropriate institutional structures with clear Terms of Reference. The staff members of the Secretariat are guided by the key principles and values of the Ministry, and have the disposition to work in a rationalised, harmonised and collaborative manner with a view to ensure that:

i. administrative matters requiring the Minister’s attention are properly and professionally managed;
ii. the Minister is kept informed of all events and on-going activities on the development of the two departments;
iii. each specific priority area in the Strategic Direction of the Ministry is realised;
iv. strategic direction pertaining to the development of both physical and human resource for the Ministry is timely provided to enable the Ministry to deliver its mandate;
v. there is a constant flow of official credible information for smooth relations with stakeholders and internal and external partners of the Ministry;
vi. there is a communication system and protocol that efficiently gathers, disseminates and shares credible information within the Ministry, between the Ministry and its public bodies, with stakeholders and partners, the general public and other clientele;
vii. legal and Cabinet matters requiring the Ministry’s attention are attended to;
viii. there is improved working relationship, cooperation and support framework between the Ministry and its public bodies, and governance bodies of educational institutions in line with legislative frameworks and protocols.

Ministry of Education
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